Dumb and Dumber To

Dumb and Dumber To
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The Second Parts Are More Fools
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20 years since their first adventure, Lloyd and Harry go on a road trip to find Harry's newly discovered daughter, who was given up for adoption.

Title:Dumb and Dumber To
Release Date:November 12, 2014
Production Co.:New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, Conundrum Entertainment, Red Granite Pictures
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Writers:, , , , ,
Casts:Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Rachel Melvin, Kathleen Turner, Rob Riggle, Laurie Holden, Tembi Locke, Paul Blackthorne, Gregory Fears, Brady Bluhm, Patricia French, Steve Tom, Don Lake, Eddie Shin, Atkins Estimond, Tommy Snider, Lindsay Ayliffe, Matthew Cardarople, Bill Murray, Grant James, Taylor St. Clair, Erin Allin O'Reilly, Walt Arnett, Erika Bierman, Kassidy Claire, Carly Craig, Bryan Dilbeck, Dalton E. Gray, Michael McCrudden, June Shannon, Maia Moss-Fife, Jeff Sumner, Julius Sharpe, Dave Walpole, Brett Wyman, Paul Bednarz, Jennifer Cocker, John Deifer, Abigail Gamache, William Goodrum, Walter Hendrix III, Angela Kerecz, John Merical, Elizabeth Cooper, Michael Yama, Nancy Yee, Nancy Byers Farrelly, Derek Holland, Brendan Boyle, Swizz Beatz, Mike Cerrone, Sean Gildea, Kassidy Claire, Brett Wyman, Jo Helton, Erika Bierman, Edward Barbanell, Mariann Neary, John Imlay, Jon Barinholtz, Lucas Daniels, Carter Hicks, Baxter Cooper Rogers, Sandra Dorsey, Arielle Liberman, Jon Barry, Jesse Gines, Robin O'Neal Sorensen, Chris Randall Sorensen, Daniel Greene, Will Coogan, Caryle Seim, Danny Murphy, Rhomyen Johnson

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