Death Sentence

Death Sentence
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Protect what's yours.
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Nick Hume is a mild-mannered executive with a perfect life, until one gruesome night he witnesses something that changes him forever. Transformed by grief, Hume eventually comes to the disturbing conclusion that no length is too great when protecting his family.

Title:Death Sentence
Release Date:August 31, 2007
Genres:Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Production Co.:Dune Entertainment, Baldwin Entertainment Group, Hyde Park Entertainment, Brass Hat Films, 20th Century Fox
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:James Wan, Melinda Taksen, Kara B. Still, Candice Grubb
Casts:Kevin Bacon, Garrett Hedlund, Kelly Preston, Jordan Garrett, John Goodman, Aisha Tyler, Stuart Lafferty, Matt O'Leary, Edi Gathegi, Hector Atreyu Ruiz, Kanin Howell, Dennis Keiffer, Freddy Bouciegues, Leigh Whannell, Michael Burgess, Nick Battiste, Judith Roberts, Beth Keener, Desiree Markella, Casey Pieretti, Rich Ceraulo Ko, Yorgo Constantine, Aqeel Hasan, Shontelle Thrash, Kristina Sipes, Jay Amor

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