The Cave Man

The Cave Man
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After her father dies, Chloe, played by Edith Storey, is left alone in the world. She is discovered and taken home to their cave by brothers Dagban and Eric, who vie for her affection in an allegory about “brain vs. brawn.” When “Dagban threatens to do her bodily harm unless she accedes to his intentions” Eric beats up his brother to protect Chloe, and then subsequently leaves the cave he calls home to avoid further conflict. By this point, he has won Chloe’s affection with his kindness and love, and she decides to follow him and “together they continue their journey, seeking happiness in the land beyond the horizon, which joins earth with heaven.” (

Title:The Cave Man
Release Date:April 15, 1912
Production Co.:Vitagraph Company of America
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Ralph Ince, Charles L. Gaskill
Casts:Ralph Ince, Edith Storey, Harry Northrup, Rose Tapley, Tefft Johnson

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