The Last Man

The Last Man
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Are you ready to survive?
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Tov Matheson is a war veteran with PTSD who perceives that the apocalypse is coming. After starting a relationship with a dubious Messiah, he leaves his normal life and begins the construction of a shelter underground, training himself, in an extreme way, at the cost of losing everything and making people believe he is insane. When he also believes it, something extraordinary happens.

Title:The Last Man
Release Date:September 6, 2018
Genres:Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Production Co.:Cinema 7 Films, Aicon Music Pictures, Non Stop, 3dar, Quintessential Film
Production Countries:Argentina, Canada
Director:Rodrigo H. Vila
Writers:, ,
Casts:Hayden Christensen, Harvey Keitel, Marco Leonardi, Justin Kelly, Liz Solari, Fernán Mirás, Rafael Spregelburd, Raymond E. Lee, Loïc Lombard, Adrian Figueira, Christo J. Swart, Steve Kisicki, Julieta Galvez, Nahuel Lozano, Viviana Caram, Adrian Caram, Paula Perasso, Federico Aletta, Iván Steinhardt, James Peter Wright, Corina Romero, Carolina Hsu, Marcos Woinsky, Gabriel Smith Lenton, Bradley Krupsaw, Mariano Miquelarena, Federico Arzeno, Justin Clouden, Luciano Suardi, Javier Kussrow

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