The Mortuary Collection

The Mortuary Collection
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In the phantasmagorical town of Raven's End, a misguided young girl takes refuge in a decrepit old mortuary. The eccentric undertaker chronicles the strange history of the town through a series of twisted tales, each more terrifying than the last, but the young girl's world is unhinged when she discovers that the final story... is her own.

Title:The Mortuary Collection
Release Date:October 22, 2020
Genres:Fantasy, Horror
Production Co.:Trapdoor PIctures, Mountain Path Entertainment
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Ryan Spindell
Casts:Clancy Brown, Caitlin Custer, Mike C. Nelson, Jacob Elordi, Barak Hardley, Christine Kilmer, Sarah Hay, Ben Hethcoat, Jennifer Irwin, James Bachman, Alison Gallaher, Phyllis Applegate, Brennan Murray, Ema Horvath, Michael Bow, Tom Woodruff Jr., Tristan Byon, Anthony Fontana, Clavacia Smith, Ben Kleiman, Eric Warwick, Dylan Sharon

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