A life for a life.
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Jacob, a bank manager haunted by a violent heist that took the life of a coworker, teams up with his ex-cop neighbor, James, to bring down the assailant. While the two men work together to figure out the thief’s next move, Gabriel, the highly-trained criminal, is one step ahead. When Gabriel kidnaps Jacob’s wife and daughter, Jacob barrels down a path of bloodshed that initiates an explosive counterattack and brings all three men to the breaking point.

Release Date:August 31, 2018
Genres:Action, Thriller, Crime
Production Co.:Ingenious Media, Kind Hearts Entertainment, Checkluck Films, The Fyzz, EFO Films
Production Countries:United States of America, United Kingdom
Director:Brian A. Miller, Federica Arevalo, Aaron Walters, Jake Heineke, Victoria McDevitt
Casts:Frank Grillo, Bruce Willis, Johnathon Schaech, Olivia Culpo, Natali Yura, Tyler Jon Olson, Wass Stevens, Colin Egglesfield, Shea Buckner, Christopher Rob Bowen, Ken Strunk, Tamara Belous, Cameron Brexler, Geoff Reeves, John Dauer, Nicolas Petron, Uncle Murda, Natalia Sophie Butler, Jesse Pruett, Rachele Richey, Sergio Rizzuto, Jennifer Titus, Joy Corrigan, Corey Mills, Martin Blencowe, David Yuzuk, Lauren Rhoden, Sarah Fultz, Brian D. Wolfe, Shepard "Shep" Rose, Brian Schaeffer, Chick Bernhard, Carl Anthony Nespoli, Chip Fumicello, Jeff Galpin, Craig Conover, Zach Kaltenbach, Rajiim A. Gross, Myles Jeffrey, Francesca Siena Tyberg, Indira Rubio Germain, Laurel Fedor

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