Living Universe

Living Universe
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It's Time to Meet the Neighbours
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The next great voyage of human exploration has already begun: the search for life on planets orbiting distant stars. With extraordinary CGI, the world's most inspiring scientists, via extreme environments on Earth and around the solar system, the film takes viewers aboard the next generation of space ships, across the cosmos and beneath the clouds of the exo-planets to discover The Living Universe.

Title:Living Universe
Release Date:August 9, 2018
Genres:Documentary, Science Fiction
Production Co.:Essential Media and Entertainment, ZED, Screen Australia, Create NSW, MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe, CuriosityStream
Production Countries:Australia, France
Director:Alex Barry, Vincent Amouroux
Casts:Karl Kruszelnicki, Tamara Davis, Steve Squyres, Natalie Batalha, Gentry Lee, Avi Loeb, Karin Öberg, Sara Seager

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