Death of Me

Death of Me
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True love takes sacrifice.
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A couple on holiday on a remote South Pacific island awaken one morning with a hang over and no recollection of what transpired. When playing back a video of the previous night, they see they participated in a local ritual that somehow ends with him murdering her.

Title:Death of Me
Release Date:October 2, 2020
Genres:Horror, Mystery
Production Co.:Lionsgate, Saban Films, 13 Films, Benetone Films, Dobre Films, Envision Media Arts, Media Finance Capital
Production Countries:Thailand, United States of America
Director:Darren Lynn Bousman, John Milton Branton, Jessica Luhrssen, Montakan Ketmala
Writers:, ,
Casts:Maggie Q, Luke Hemsworth, Alex Essoe, Kat Ingkarat, Kelly B. Jones, Caledonia Burr, Chatchawai Kamonsakpitak, Sahapoom Totrungsup, Tanapath Singamrath, Oliver Paul Barry, Saengkham Chanthawong, Irada Ritsira, Tannapat Sirimat, Katria Louise Reed, Somjai Hmanbut, Piyanit Ambawat, Panapat Chankasemmima, Jidapa Suwat-Ekkul, Michael S. New, Chakrii Santiphap Tubnguen, Rapeepat Phromanumat, Bryan Michael Rilinger

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